There’s something almost literary about Alice Fraser’s incisive, dextrous hour of compelling storytelling: the way she brings characters to vivid life, then resolves their narratives to a bigger picture illuminating what we could pretentiously call the human condition.

And if that sounds rather grand, The Resistance is as silly as it is smart, undercutting astute insight with a daft pun or jaunty tune on her banjo.
— Steve Bennett for Chortle (UK)
Her stand-up is poignant and gut-punchingly funny...
Alice Fraser’s a total star in her own right...
See this show. - ★★★★★
— The Herald Sun
She is laugh out loud funny, and then asks the difficult questions of herself and us...
Unexpectedly moving and thought provoking, the best sort of contemporary stand-up.

Oh yes, and she comes out with the pun of the year. - ★★★★
— The Adelaide Advertiser


“Fraser has created such a strong contemplation of life, love and pain; and because she’s so inclusive.
Sharp and focused, she uses moments from her past to illustrate the connections between pain, beauty and vanity; and the need to enjoy life while you can.

— Sydney Morning Herald
“ ...turns pain into love. Funny, albeit occasionally blackly comedic, love.”
— Matt Baker, Theatre Scenes (New Zealand)
Here’s my annual list of the most memorable gigs seen this year – a tougher year than most since there was a huge spread of very good gigs...

Personally, I saw 341 gigs this year, everywhere from Hampton Court Place to sitting on the Tarmac of a blustery Brighton seafront in front of a beach hut, so trying to pick just ten is tough.

Dave Chapelle at the Hammersmith Apollo in July, fine Fringe shows from Mark Steel, James Acaster, Joseph Morpurgo and Australian Alice Fraser, whose work was new to me, giving it extra impact
The atmosphere is acrobatic, Fraser’s story-telling is charismatically compelling and her delivery is flawlessly paced...It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, or sob, in my case. And most importantly, it makes you think...

This is stand-up like you’ve never seen it before. Wonderfully funny and devastatingly poignant, Savage is a show that really could change the world, or at least the way you choose to see it.
— Broadway Baby:
★★★★ -
Fraser executes with such insight, tenderness and love, writing with the language and potency of a poet, that the poignancy hangs on your soul.

But it’s funny, too... her dry, droll arguments against issues that need arguing against, delight. There are remnants of that silly show still around, too, not least in a selection of hilarious aphorisms she reads from cards in a brisk section that proves she can write short, tricksy jokes and not just mull huge existential issues....she could give Daniel Kitson a run for his money
— Steve Bennett (Chortle)
...[savage] was a glorious jumble of great, heartfelt stuff that ran the gamut from wither wringing to banjo playing. Alice had bagged the offer of a spot at the Pleasance but decided she couldn’t afford it. ... I dearly hope Alice will make $5,000 the old-fashioned showbiz way – doing a great show to lots of appreciative people. She deserves to.

The Scotsman - Scotland on Sunday (not online)

"A truly extraordinary show ... Alice Fraser is a Aussie who is doing Edinburgh for the first time. Her show is ... a beautiful mess. In turns funny and sad, political and daft, girly and grown up. Her hour is a sort of a story mined with wonderful chunks of musical surrealism, feminism, religious philosophy and tragedy. And we laughed. A lot. Please go and see this show."

- Kate Copstick (chief comedy reviewer for The Scotsman newspaper.)

★★★★★ - Alice Fraser says “I don’t know” a lot during her astonishing new show, ‘Savage’. She isn’t sure what to believe in, she doesn’t know how to finish the show, she is still dealing with the passing of her mother. And yet for all her unknowing, there comes an absolute certainty - this show is a towering achievement, one of the festival’s very best.
— (Five Stars) Daniel Paproth (Melbourne International Comedy Festival Funny Tonne Reviewer)
★★★★ - I ended up rooting for her bravery and vulnerability ...painfully funny insights ... Riveting.
— (Four Stars) Julia Chamberlain
★★★★ Law’s loss is comedy’s gain.
— (Four Stars) Rip It Up
— Sydney Morning Herald
— Herald Sun
Raw Supersmart Hilarity
— Cosmopolitan Magazine