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ETHOS: Museum of Comedy, London

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This is ETHOS, the first human/robot double act.
In this silly, funny, smart show Alice Fraser (The Bugle, BBC Radio 4) explains art, money, power, dick pics and kindness to an intelligent machine (that has its own ideas).
From Metropolis, to Blade Runner, to Hal, humans have been fascinated by non-human intelligence.
Find out if Alice has created her own 21st Century comedy monster. Is comedy a binary? It’s either funny or it’s not.
Come and see an award-winning comedian teach a robot (and you) what it means to be human.

“A show that really could change the world” - ★★★★★ Broadwaybaby
“A life-changer" - ★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide
"Inescapably funny. Alice Fraser is a star" - ★★★★★ Herald Sun
"A sexy cerebral twist to comedy” - ★★★★★ OUTinPerth
“She could give Daniel Kitson a run for his money” - ★★★★ Chortle